Sunday , March 7 2021

Alibi had another big zodiac day. The party can not stand.

The company's methods for triggering tension have been previously explored. Two years ago, Alibaba said that the US stock exchange and the Commission are investigating the way it announces Singles Day sales. The company's recommended metric gross sales value is meant to represent the sum of money that moves hands on its platforms. However, there is no standardized way of calculating it.

The company has since emphasized the amount. But the episode described the way Alibaba sees himself – like a company that breaks the mold.

Since Alibaba has listed New York shares four years ago, the company has used a sense of manifest fate to invest investors, stock analysts, and enthusiastic media. China was on the long road to middle-class wealth, the company said, and Alibaa had the biggest tollbooth. Veto Alibaba had a bet on China.

Last year, when telecommunications company CB Insights asked people to vote for the company they would invest and keep for 10 years, Alibaba was the winner who won each American tech giant, as well as Saudi Aramco and Goldman Sachs.

Now, however, it is clear that Alibaba's privileged position in China is not guaranteed.

For example, delivery of furniture Alibaba is confronted with several wealthy competitors. It has made great strides that have struggled, including the difficult bicycle rental company Ofo.

Or consider Pinduoduu, a tremendous e-commerce that lasted from zero to 350 million customers in just three years. You may not have heard about the app's brands, and you may not trust the quality of the goods. However, prices can not be beaten. Pinduoduo has won high school in China's smaller cities.

No one expects Alibaba to produce yearly one-year sales growth for eternity. At some point when growth begins to slow down quickly, the event may change, concentrate on one-day sales instead of one day or something else altogether.

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