Sunday , August 1 2021

Hisense 65P9 ULED 4K TV Review Australia

Did you ever go to the movies and find yourself in the movie on a small screen, thinking, "This does not look much bigger than the TV?"

Clearly, someone with Hisens has since the company has released a series of very large 4K ULED televisions aimed at the home entertainment program and they are valuable.

The P9 series has two sizes – 65 inches and 75 inches. I checked the 65-inch model for a simple reason, more or less certainly not fit in my living room.

As a whole, the P9 series is what Estate Agents call "opinion piece" – in this case, the statement is: "I like big TVs and I can not lie."

The televisions are thin but heavy song packs weighing just over 40 kg, but they have a lot of functionality.

ULED is a screening system owned by Hisense and has a number of different technologies, but the truncated version shows that black colors are almost black as OLED TVs, but much, much brighter than the other – and most importantly for consumers – it is cheaper.

Hisense says that the P9 series is currently Australia's best the brightest 4K TVs, and I believe them – the screen is actually a terrific word in the traditional sense, to the point, which I am surprised that I have not got a sun tan glow.

The TV has a game mode that turns off some of the internal processing (which the console does in any case), which reduces delays.

Sports Watching has been focused on the company over the past few years – they were the official video adapters of the F1 World Cup last year and the 2018 FIFA World Cup in recent times – so it's not surprising to see the sport in P9 focuses on the TV processor's priorities on a horizontal move (in that case in sports that is not AFL).

There are many other options and presets for different viewing modes and all seemed to work well for what I can see when testing it. It goes without saying that the picture quality is excellent and very sharp, and there are plenty of vibrations in the colors and it produces all the performance expected from the highest quality 4K TV.

Although TV is generally excellent – as I hope, given the price tag – there are no lighting buttons on the remote, which is usually not a problem, given how light the television is but still has a considerable negligence. The remote controls were sensitive and the remote control has Netflix and YouTube buttons, so fast start-up overrides the TV operating system.

The introduction of TV on the 4K consoles was also a bit more work than I expected – I had to use a certain type of HDMI port, then go to the system settings of the TV and start the "boosted" mode, then go to the picture menu and turn it into game mode – but when it was set up it turned out very impressive and the settings no longer required anything new.

In fact, I tried a variety of AAA games, including Red Dead Redemption II, Assassin's Creed Odyssey and Strange Brigade and they looked amazing, bright, lively colors and high-definition. The huge screen just added experience.

Even though the P9 has a digital tuner to watch free TV, the screen is so large that some of the 720P precision looks almost uncomfortable. To be fair, this is not in any way a TV fault, and if you have more than $ 4000 to spend on top-of-the-range television, you probably will not use it to watch the playback something It's gorgeous in Kerrassa is ABC anyway.

However, there were no problems with either Netflix, Stan or Foxtel Now, either in full HD or in 4K without any problems and looked really nice. Again, the 65-inch screen added experience, whether you were watching Archer, Sabrina's exciting adventures, or John Wick.

The sound seemed to be a bass station, but it was definitely clear and worked well with different games, performances and movies.

Hisense P9 series is big, bright and bold – and offers all premium TV features at a slightly cheaper price than some of its competitors.

Sure it's not real OLED but it's very close (and much brighter) and if you're looking for a downtown lounge and a great viewing or gaming experience, you should check out P9.

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