Thursday , January 21 2021

Man dies after silicone was injected into the scrotum sex fetish

The project has divided the spectators after the "graphic" segment appeared, which was followed by siveää mother who is looking for answers after son's death fetish-sex procedures.

Tuesdays section Project, Lynda Chapman is seen opposite to the man he is responsible for Jack's death – his BDSM host Dylan Hafertepen, who claims his son is in proportion.

But the viewers were divided according to what the show decided on the air – some even argued it was "exploitative" and more suitable for the show The present thing.

The segment hit hosts Waleed Aly and Carrie Bickmore, who fought tears against the table after it appeared.

"Can you imagine this moment Lynda when he faces Dylan like this?" Aly said.

Jack, who lived in Seattle, USA, was one of several "puppies" in Hafertepen who followed his body and bodybuilding rules.

"It was a strange thing, it was like some kind of clan, a family like a cult, and to prove his devotion to him, they had to change their bodies," Chapman said.

Tragically, Jack died of silicone syndrome after the substance was injected into his scrotum.

Chapman did not teach that his son was seriously ill until the day died.

"I did not know he was in the hospital, I did not know he was in coma, I never had to catch him, I never wanted him, I never had to say goodbye," he said.

"And he (Hafertepen) waits for the day after he is dead that he is dead, and I did not even know he was sick."

He also did not know that Jack had changed his will three weeks before his death to have Mr Hafertepe inherited his $ 200,000 inheritance – which, according to Hafertepen, was Jack's decision.

In hot scenes that have been described Project, Chapman is seen with Hafertepen in his son's photo when he flew to Australia to return Jack's ashes to his family.

"What kind of person injected their friggin" into their balls? "Chapman asks, fights against tears during an emotionally charged change.

"What kind of a person do you do?" Someone who feels so badly of himself who is vulnerable who just wanted your love at all costs … and the cost of his life, you are responsible for Jack's death. "

Mr Hafertepen told Chapman that Jack had told him he did not tell him that he was in the hospital for days prior to death unless it was "absolutely necessary".

"I'm sorry, that Lynda was very difficult for me, I know you're upset," he said.

He also said that he never stuck silicone on Jack and "forbade him from doing so". has tried to reach out by commenting on Mr Hafertepen.

See the full segment in the Tuesday section Project online 10 and TenPlay.

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