The Spelunky world record holder was crushed into a scammer


The player named BarryMode is the last eight years, owned the running world record Spelunky. However, not anymore when fans noticed he was betrayed, and the evidence is evident in the video he had recorded of the run.

Like Vice Report, while BarryMode has removed his video from YouTube. In particular, BarryMode’s images were constantly missing one tile that shouldn’t have been missing, and he was constantly making decisions about where to go next and that should have resulted in him not being able to send a good time because he chose the right path every time. very unlikely.

And this doubt is nothing but new; some members Spelunky The speedrunning community has had serious doubts about BarryMode’s run for years, as his time of 2:30, released eight years ago, has yet to be won, even if fans have invested thousands of hours in training and pooled all their speed knowledge.

Then in September of this year, community member saturnin55 found a 2012 mod that explained why that tile was missing: the mod allowed players to save and load their runs, and placing an object that loads this mod into the game… remove the same single tile that was missing from the BarryMode run.

The only thing left to explain now was why that tile was there at the beginning of the BarryMode run, but was missing from subsequent levels. The Community’s answer is simple enough; as the mod he uses overrides the home screen, BarryMode merged two different materials together, the first seconds of the vanilla version of the game, the rest of the modified runs.

This great video below from Xanagear gives a great breakdown of what the mod was and what led to the discovery of the BarryMode scam, while there is a comment in the Vice interview Spelunky Designer Derek Yu, as well as a revelation that Barrymode – who quickly acknowledged in the face of betrayal – is now busy making very bad conservative memes.


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