Monday , April 12 2021

Wailing Woods has a new four-way teleport connection

Bunker Under Wailing Woods Under Fortnight Battle Royale now has features that seem to be by facsimile.

This junction has been added to the v6.30 update, which started on November 14th. The large space has several floors and strongly resembles a sorted underground drainage system with four large pipes in each of the four main walls.

However, big tubes really do not lead anywhere, and instead they have rift-type portals that allow players to run through the wall and go to the other side.

It appears that some of the areas to which the portals lead and have no other entrances or exits are available via the portal.

Here is a video clip about this new telecontrol crossing, Reddit's user TimSad's good service. "

The purpose of this new area is not clear because it does not seem that players can still use portals to travel elsewhere than on the other side of the wall.

However, it opens the door to Epic Games by testing a teleport on a larger scale, especially if such joints are added to other parts of the map and high intersections between high intersections become a possibility.

Even if they look similar, these portals should not be confused with Rifts, pushing players to heaven and allowing them to land on the map again.

Unlike these intervals, the portals allow players to travel directly and do not close when they have been used once.

Interestingly, new portals are not mentioned in the v6.30 patch notes, which would not be the first time Epic added new things to the game without announcing them.

A detailed review of the v6.30 patch is available HERE.

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