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Axel Springer increases the adjusted earnings per share for the yearly forecast

Berlin (ots) – strong digital portfolio sales and sales
Profit / Adjusted EBITDA exceeds previous year's level
14.4 percent / net sales increase 4.7 percent / Digital media is growing
Organic growth of 9.1 percent / group expectations of 2018 confirmed

After the strong first half of the year, Axel Springer also got an investment
Strong sales and profit development in the third quarter of 2018.
The company benefited from continuous dynamic growth
Development of digital business. Your bet
The Group's EBITDA rose to 81.2 per cent during the first nine months
Percentage (previous year: 77.1%). Digital activity grew
organic compounds by 9.1% and therefore take into account
since accounting standards were applied since the beginning of the year
Recognition Recognition (IFRS 15) accounted for 69.2 per cent of the Group's sales
and 85.3 percent of advertising revenue. All in all, the rose
The Group's net sales for the period under review were EUR 2,236.0 million and were exceeded
an increase of 4.7 percent from the previous year (2,222.0 million in the previous year).
As a result of consolidation and exchange rate effects, the Group's net sales decreased
3.6 percent.

Axel Springer added the result adjusted for specialty products
before interest, taxes and depreciation (EBITDA) in the first nine
Months 14.4 percent to EUR 541.4 million (EUR 473.4 million in the previous year)
EUR). Organic, i. Adapted for consolidation and
The effects of the currency and the effects of the new lease in the accounts
IFRS 16, it exceeded 6.7 percent in the previous year. one
Adjusted EBITDA amount 23.3 per cent (21.3 per cent in the previous year)
Axel Springer improved its profitability at a high level.
Sales and earnings were mostly classified media
(Classifieds) strong business development in the first
nine months.

Dr. Mathias Döpfner, MD, PhD, Axel Springer SE:
"In recent months, we have our strategic and operative business
Goals achieved. We invest in brands, products and technology,
to drive international growth and stick with it
very profitable. "

On the basis of the nine-month results, the government points out
Earnings per share based on earnings per share throughout the year
2018 is now out of one number growth
The area percentage; So far there has been growth
is calculated between the low and mid-point digits.
Organic growth is now also in the high single-digit percentage
Earlier he was halfway high in a single digit area
Percentage is predicted. Next to it is Axel Springer
Full-year forecast of net sales and adjusted EBITDA
unchanged in the group. So continue to grow
Sales in mid to mid to single digit percentages
is expected to be reached organically. Prescribed
The margin of ownership should remain at a low double digit level
ascend and come organic mid-high to one-digit
The percentage is increasing.

The average number of employees in the Group increased in 2007
for the first nine months, 3.9 percent to 16 367 (the previous year: 15 745).

Group profit and earnings per share are clear plus

During the first nine months, the Group's net profit was significantly higher
51.4% to EUR 247.4 million (the previous year: EUR 163.4 million). For this
Also featured in special effects, almost exclusively
The sale of shares to the Aufeminin Group and to the shareholders
The Axel Springer skyscraper in Berlin for Axel
Springer Pension Streuhandverein returned. Earnings per share
grew from EUR 1.29 in the previous year to EUR 2.11. special effects
and the adjusted depreciation of purchase price shares increased
The Group's net profit increased by 5.0 per cent to EUR 256.7 million (PY: EUR 244.4 million)
EUR). Adjusted earnings per share also grew by 5.0
Percentage EUR 2.08 (EUR 1.98 in the previous year). Organic was
Growth to 6.7%.

The free cash flow is growing steadily

Axel Springer increased its free cash flow (excl
Taking into account the effects of real estate transactions
In the first nine months of the year, 4.4 per cent
EUR 280.3 million (268.5 million in the previous year). Net debt was
On 30 December 2018, to EUR 1,317.4 million (31 December 2017:
EUR 1 020.2 million). This growth was decisive
Leasing liabilities for Axel-Springer-Passage leasing
and Axel Springer's skyscraper due to its original application
of the new leasing agreement in accordance with IFRS 16. From 2018 to the year
Long-term credit facilities of EUR 1 500 million (31 Dec.)
2017: EUR 1 200 million) was EUR 347.5 million on 30 September 2018
took the claim. The equity ratio was at the end of the year
in the third quarter to 45.8 per cent from 43.5 per cent in the previous year.

Classified by Media again as the strongest business segment

The Classifieds Media segment was released during the first nine months
sales grew strongly by 19.4 per cent to EUR 890.2 million
(Previous year: EUR 745.3 million). This was reflected in operational operations
Improvement especially with work portals
The consolidation effects are mainly due to
French Logic Real Estate Real Estate and the Universe
Jobs at. Organic segment sales grew by 10.8 percent
is. The adjusted EBITDA also grew significantly by 15.0
Percentage of EUR 353.5 million (the previous year: EUR 307.6 million). Organic grew
8.0 percent. When the adjusted EBITDA margin was 39.7 percent
(Previous year: 41.3 percent), the Classifieds Media segment remained unchanged
Investments in brands, products and technology, especially
in the first half of the year, very profitable.

Net sales in the Media News segment rose during the first nine months
EUR 1 089.6 million, almost at the previous year's level (EUR
1 095.3 million). Significant growth was recorded
The segment in international business. Especially BUSINESS INSIDER
developed further dynamically and significantly contributed to it
strong organic growth (23.9 per cent) of the revised
International segment EBITDA at. Total responded
The adjusted EBITDA segment was EUR 165.1 million
From the previous year. Organically it was 8.8 percent below
Last year's value, positive specialty items, succeeded
BILD special magazine's second and strong advertising revenue in the third
I was driving a quarter. EIB Adjusted EBITDA Margin
Segments remained stable at 15.1 percent.

The marketing segment was booked in one reporting period
Net sales decreased by 8.9 percent to EUR 306.8 million (PY: EUR 336.8 million)
EUR). Here, as well as the deconolidation of aufeminin, is affected
the end of April 2018 and the end of the US operation
Bonial end 2017. Adjusted for consolidation and
Foreign exchange gains increased by 1.3 per cent
compared to the previous year. The segment's adjusted EBITDA grew
11.4 per cent to EUR 62.7 million (EUR 56.3 million a year earlier).
Growth was affected by organic earnings development
8.9 per cent, mainly due to the closure of US operations
Bonial, worn out. Adjusted EBITDA Margin for the Marketing Segment
Media rose from 16.7% in the corresponding period last year to 20.4%.

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