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Tomorrow, Interior Minister Herbert Kickl and Director General of Public Security Michaela Kardeis are expected to meet the most exciting information so far. Above all, we are eagerly asking.

Opposition: Kickl "master" behind BAT-Cause

Opposition Kickl is considered a "constitutional" constitution for the protection of the constitution and the now illegally released house invasion of the federal anti-terrorism office. SP, Neos, and now also blame the Interior Minister for having been "hostile" to BAT for a long time. The reasons for this intimidation can be seen in the opposition, which is predominantly in the extremist part of BVT. This had previously taken people out of the environment Kickl from his sights, but the interior minister has finally objected to the controversial home care, suspicious of the opposition. According to opposition groups, Kickl has deliberately accepted that Austrian secret services suffer from tremendous confidence as a result of the rape of foreign partners.

Kickl contradicts the opposition's proposal

Government parties, above all the FPÖ, are waiting to oppose their own view of the cause for this event. As before, Kickl has very likely pointed out that the whole reason is, in his view, just a simple criminal case. The Interior Minister had already said on several occasions that he felt even more criticized if he did not make a quick search for anonymous accusations (a somewhat confusing letter being considered as a starting point, p.) Would have reacted.

Kickl "cleans" the job at BAT?

In any case, it is exciting to see how Kickl deals with numerous controversies where his "Secretary General Peter Goldgruber was involved in his questioning at the U Committee. In the testimony of the committee, he had repeatedly caused confusion repeatedly in contradiction with himself, as well as with Mr Michael Kardeis, General Director of Public Security, and with Prosecutor Schmudermayer.

BAT is "corrupt as ever"?

The latter, for example, wrote in his "Prosecutor's Diary" that Interior Minister Kickl ordered Goldgruber to clean up the best available technology because it was "more corrupt than ever." However, Goldgruber himself disputes that he had such claims.

The question of a possible assignment is crucial to the work of the Committee of Inquiry. Since: under the law of the Republic of Austria, the Ministry of the Interior does not have the task of carrying out criminal activity in the BVT, this task is solely in the constitutional state exclusively for prosecutors. Because: BAT is under the Ministry of the Interior but its control is not the responsibility of the Ministry because it would clearly conflict with the unbundling of power.

The Executive Director announces the suspension of Gridlings

Mr Kardeis, on the other hand, has to answer questions from the U Committee on the suspension of Mr Gridling, who has now been abolished, and to comment again on the request made by Mr Goldgruber, Undersecretary of State for the secret agents of the supreme court,

Minister of Justice Moser arrives on Wednesday

One day after Kickl and Kardeis, Justice Minister Josef Moser and prosecutor Ursula Schmudermayer are sitting in the U Committee. Although Schmudermayer had been questioned before the U Committee, the opposition now wants to respond to the later controversies of Goldgruber.

According to the opposition opposition parties, Moser explains mainly why the BAT-Causa judiciary has acted relatively late.

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