Concern for Heavy Sophia Vegas


The expectant mother is already involved Seventh month pregnant and expect a baby in the United States with her partner Daniel. But a superwoman can not let her work, so the lover is now pulling a rip.

closing time

"He is the one who sees when I'm tired and stops me and says: It's time to leave," Sophia says RTL in an interview. "Dan always says: I am like Duracell, I work only, working, working, doing, doing, doing."


That's why Dan is her girlfriend Now you spend a three day trip to Santa Barbara so you can really relax on the beach. After all, professional travel around America is pretty good in the long run, as Sophia says: "Of course, it's different when you're pregnant."

baby ball

The pictures taken at the 31-year-old beach are now finally a real baby ball to be recognized. Fans have long wondered why Sophia's stomach was still so flat, but in Instagram, It's a long time ago explained that it was due to her years of training: "My abdominal muscles will keep everything together well and pay me for buying new clothes."


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