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Expert reveals: Joko & Klaas’ TV show ProSieben has consequences

Joko and Klaas pointed out in their documentary on Wednesday night about complaints about ProSieben’s treatment. Photo: screenshot prosieben


Media expert sees ProSieben as big winner and believes: Either and Klas’s broadcast will have consequences

On Wednesday night, Joko and Klaas got a huge TV coup. At the start of the season of “Either and Klaas vs. ProSieben,” they had earned the coveted 15-minute broadcast time the night before. But 15 minutes became 7 hours. In these, they drew attention to the situation of nursing staff in Germany and showed impressive complaints. For her participation, health and nurse Meike Ista in the bone marrow and transplant center at Münster University Hospital was followed by a small camera in real time. As an outsider, you’ve probably never been so close.

The activity was conducted on the Internet. Unanimous tenor: Either and Klaas wrote television history with this contribution. But is that really the case? And what can such action also achieve in the long run?

Watson spoke about this to PR and media expert Ferris Bühler. He sees ProSieben as a big winner and is confident: the show will have no consequences.

ProSieben is the biggest winner of the evening

For him, one thing has already been ruled out: One of the biggest winners of the evening is probably ProSieben – although the station refrained from advertising for hours. “During these seven hours of broadcasting, ProSieben has won more than a long time. Positive reporting of the campaign in the German-speaking region alone has a value of seven digits. Added to this is the huge presence on social media and the interaction of many users. And when archival rivals RTL talk about “strong performance,” it’s simply invaluable, ”Bühler tells Watson.

Either and Klaas earned 15 minutes of transmission time – that turned into seven hours. Photo: dpa / Stefan Gregorowius

“It should also be noted that the production costs for this XXL program were borne by the two major sponsors. So ProSieben has not suffered any damage at all, but is the winner of the evening,” he explains.

Either and Klaas write television history # of course not

In his eyes, the action can certainly be called a moment full of history. “There has never been a program like this before, so we can certainly talk about a new chapter in television history. While linear television may have had charity formats that lasted several hours, not this way,” he says referring to a special “surprise factor when 15 minutes of broadcast time suddenly changed to seven. for an hour “. Moreover, according to Bühler, “there was an incredible response on social media, which increased at the same time as the live broadcast and continues to be” shocking “to this day.

PR and media expert Ferris Bühler. Photo: Thomas Buchwalder

Numerous caregivers respond to the comment online, but also countless people who have nothing to do with the industry. Of particular note was the quick reaction from Vice-Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who had to take a lot of criticism with a tweet about Joks and Klaas ’actions. Because grievances have not been a problem just since Wednesday night. After all, Jens Spahn picked up the documentary at Thursday morning’s press conference and explained: “Nurses deserve our respect, but also better working conditions.”

Expert: The ProSieben broadcast has consequences

But can such action matter in addition to Spahn’s confessions – also in the long run? Bühler is sure: the broadcast has consequences, the effects are already clear:

“The action sparked a wide-ranging public debate on the care emergency, both on the Internet and in the classic offline media. This allowed the population to be sensitized to the issue and the pressure on politicians is likely to increase.”

What should not be forgotten about the whole topic: Either and Klaas are actually moderators and entertainers. Nonetheless, they use their huge dimension over and over again on important topics – and never seem credible. You just manage to manage a balance of blatant and hard and serious and withdrawn over and over again. How can you connect something like that to one person – and still convey it so credibly? For Ferris Bühler, Joko and Klaas are simply an “exception on German private television.”

On the one hand, they would use the freedom ProSieben grants them in designing their design to “their viewers’ blatant, cross-border entertainment, and on the other hand, they will replace this with friendly activities such as visiting a refugee camp with lots of mental goose-breaking moments, ”Bühler says. “After all, the karma balance is right and the two exceptional abilities are credible.”

The Watson story

“If Spahn had done his job correctly, people could have continued to watch the series”: a nurse tells about the documentary Joko and Klaas

A piece of television history, as some think: Moderators Either Windterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf caused a lot of furore, presenting the nurse’s entire daily work in the ProSieben program “Not Obvious”. Most of the night, viewers can watch what it means to work as a nurse in Germany.

Nina Böhmer did not see the whole program. Maybe he doesn’t have to, as long as the 29-year-old works for himself …

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