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Musical Spring Gmunden presents "Doctor Zhivago" in the spring

Musical Spring Gmunden presents "Doctor Zhivago" in the spring

GMUNDEN. During the fifth anniversary, the festival will shine with Austrian premiere.

The stages of the Musical Spring Gmunden in spring

Tourism Director Andreas Murray (left) with Caspar Richter, Elisabeth Sikoran and Wolfgang Olzinger Photo: OÖN / Fellner

The film "Doctor Zhivago" (Omar Sharif's Director) is a classic. In 2011, the US composer Lucy Simon of Russia's revolutionary novels (Boris Pasternak's novel) also made music. From April 2019, the Austrian premiere will be held at the Gmundner Stadttheater at the Musical Spring event – and musical fans from both Finland and abroad have already ripped off tickets.

"The audience is interested"

Just like in previous years, director Wolfgang Olzinger, musical director Caspar Richter and actress Elisabeth Sikora are strings. Trio started the Musical Spring five years ago and has been constantly expanding since then. Following eight out-of-the-box "Jane Eyre" performances last season, ten performances of "Doctor Zhivago" were scheduled for April 11, 2019. This time there is a possibility even in the evenings.

Musical is now an international scene. "We have named history-romantic European songs," says Caspar Richter. "Foreign guests know what they are looking for in Traunsee, and the interest is huge."

The musical spring budget is about 200,000 euros. "In other places, working with much larger budgets," says Wolfgang Olzinger. "We can only do it, because every one of us makes a number of moves, from scenes to press relations, we do all of ourselves."

However, the games do not only fund the admission. Traunsee tourism and municipality participate in the costs. For the tourism industry, music offers an opportunity to increase the bed occupancy rate. The City Hall, in turn, fulfills a cultural mission. "We are not only proud of the international success of Musical Spring," says VP Mayor Stefan Krapf. "This is also a great offer of culture for Gmundner himself – especially for our young people." The guest rating is automatically translated into German.

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