Tuesday , April 20 2021

NASA’s Curiosity Rover makes a picturesque selfie on Mars in Mont Mercous

Curiosity Rover’s new selfie from March 2021 shows a machine with a rocky promontory called “Mont Mercou”.

NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS

NASA landed recently Durability Rover Could be steals Mars-related titles Today, however, the longtime Curiosity driver is here to remind us of all the great work it does on the Red Planet. On Tuesday, NASA released a new Curiosity selfie, one for peers.

Some Rover selfies have focused on the plane itself, but this is meant to celebrate the landscape of Mars, especially the picturesque rocky revelation nicknamed “Mont Mercou,” according to the French mountain.

The rock formation is 6 meters high and attracts attention. If you look closely to the driver’s left, you will also see a delicate hole representing Curiosity’s 30th drill sample on Mars.

Rover is located in the transition zone “Sound unit, “An area with a fascinating water history, and”sulphate unit“A place where scientists expect to find sulfates, such as gypsum and Epsom salts, that can be formed as water evaporates.

“Scientists have long thought that this change may reveal what happened to Mars when it became a desert planet today. NASA said in a statement Tuesday.

The selfie on this beautiful page consists of 60 photos taken on March 26 with a camera on Rover’s arm, combined with 11 other photos taken earlier this month with a camera mounted on Rover’s mast. The overall effect is an epic view of the Gale Crater, the bare and the driver’s little piece of sky on Mars.

Currently operating an Ingenuity helicopter, Perseverance-Rover arrived on Mars in February 2021. Curiosity has lived on the red planet since 2012.

Mont Mercou selfie is the latest together a long line of Mars spectacular attractions while the experienced driver continues his exploration journey.

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