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"Speed ​​Masters Like Gian Luca Love Adrenaline" – News Sports: Wintersport

The shock is deep in the village. The report first shakes the Thusis municipality and spread all the time in Switzerland. Gian Luca Barandu dies on Saturday morning with his sister-in-command during Laax's training.

The 24-year-old Swiss-ski athlete's fatal accident causes great shivering in his environment. "We are infinitely sad. Gian Luca was a very tough guy, excellent person," says Erwin Seglias, CEO of Beverin Ski Club. "He was very popular with us with his dry humor."

Barandu was a member of the Swiss Ski A group and one of Switzerland's hopes for speedboats. The best result of the World Cup Grisons finished in Bormio in December last year. Two weeks later, he was fifth in the downhill of Lauberhorn.

The Swiss ski association had no information on the athlete's paragliders, the more surprising was that the customer came from an accident. "The Swiss ski family has been thinking of a lost family in this difficult time," he said. "He is happy to give us his sincere condolences," says Markus Wolf, CEO of Swiss-Ski.

The reasons for the accident are not yet known. The eyewitness, however, said that above Barandu Ilanz was used by so-called " A sharp twist and crashed in this movement on the meadow. The effect was so powerful that Barandun died on the spot. Two days before his death, he published himself a Snowkite video on Instagram.

Gian Luca Barandu snowfall. (Video: Instagram)

Barandu is known for him as a cautious and reserved man. "But he was also a baby boy in nature, and he was like any rider looking for adrenaline," says Skiclub President Seglias. Above all, he had affected his father's loss, which he had to survive as a child. "The death of his father certainly shaped him well and made him independent at an early age." (

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