Thursday , February 25 2021

WhatsApp removes photos and videos from the cloud: this is what users need to know

On Monday, November 12, new things will be added to WhatsAppi. Users need to know this so that data is not lost.

Berlin. Just a few months ago, WhatsApp's new memory settings were announced, Monday has come time. From November 12, 2018, the new WhatsApp storage settings will take effect.

Any information that has not been backed up for more than a year is deleted concretely. If you want to back up your data, make sure your last backup is only one year after Monday.

Back up your data at least every two years

In order to no longer lose chat history, pictures or videos, all WhatsApp users should back up the data at least once every twelve months. iPhone users will not be affected because their data is stored in Apple's own iCloud network storage. ( This will ensure your chat history ).

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Behind the Regulation is a new collaboration with WhatsApp and google, Android smartphone WhatsApp users have always received information Google's Online storage is stored. From November 12, this is a free 15 GB storage space google for all customers that are no longer used.

It is not the only change in messenger plans. In 2019, the service also wants to advertise the status function. Recently, the WhatsApp boss confirmed that advertising should become the primary source of revenue for Messenger in the future.

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