OnePlus 9RT smartphone leaked before launch in India

[ad_1] The OnePlus 9RT smartphone has been launched as an updated model of the OnePlus 9R. OnePlus 9RT has recently been released in the Chinese market, this phone will enter the Indian market very soon. Prior to the launch, there were several rumors about the price of this phone. The OnePlus 9RT smartphone has been … Read more

How laptops work in cricket

[ad_1] The use of camcorders is not new to cricket. In the early 1990s, the BBC added a small camera from the Hitachi KP-D6S to the first position. Now it is used in major matches. The carrier basically records the “action” of the field and the batsman. In addition to image analysis, viewers get the … Read more

Award-winning “Rickshaw Girl” in Germany – Daily Our Time

[ad_1] Rickshaw Girl was awarded in GermanyEvery day of our time Amitabh’s Rickshaw Girl won SLM’s highest medal in GermanyWake up to the news Amitabh’s Rickshaw Girl won SLM’s highest The best Bangladeshi “rickshaw girl” in Germany – Dainik Amader ShomoyEvery day of our time See the full report on Google News [ad_2] Source … Read more

There are no six throws in the Mehedi-Sakib spin

[ad_1] Scotland is in the pain of Mehdi Hasan and Shakib Al Hasan. When Mehdi came and hit the pair together, Shakib also hit the pair together. Then Mehdi came and took another opponent. At the time of writing, Scotland had made 55 runs out of a loss of 6 goals in 12 innings. Shakib … Read more

Nokia XR20: The Nokia XR20 is released in India, see the possible features of the phone. Nokia XR20 India Launch Confirmed See Expected Features

[ad_1] 1/7 Nokia’s new Nokia XR20 smartphone is released in India. The exact release date of Nokia’s new smartphone has not yet been announced. However, it is rumored that this phone will be released in India before Diwal. 2/7 3/7 The Nokia XR20 may have a Snapdragon 460 processor. It has up to 8GB of … Read more

Therefore, Kapil Sharma’s performance was suspended

[ad_1] Nothing feels good without words. Fully aware of their own work. Comedian Kapil Sharma is no different. Many fans were angry about the wind delay in the Kapil Sharma show, as promised. However, no one knows the real reason. In the end, Kapil himself stopped all speculation for a reason. He suffered a back … Read more

WhatsApp’s surprise again, 5 new features are coming

[ad_1] WhatsApp flashes again. There are five more new features coming to WhatsApp. Work is underway on new features. Once your audience is fully created, it will benefit from all the new features. What new features are coming to WhatsApp? See our report today 1. New voice memo feature WhatsApp works with Global Voice Message … Read more

The mass survey was held at the Barisal University Center

[ad_1] The entrance exam has been held at the Barisal University Center in a cluster system. For the first time, the first public graduation entrance examination in the cluster system was held at 20 public universities in the country. An A-Unit exam was held at the Barisal University (Bobby) Center on Sunday (October 16) from … Read more