Florentino Perez announces the arrival of Mbappé to his supporters!

Florentino Perez doesn’t want to let go. Although the President of Real did not bring Mbappé this summer, he will be working as early as next year. Perez’s business is almost in the bag. Leaving the stadium on Saturday against Villarreal, a GOL reporter took the scene between the businessman and supporters. In the pictures, … Read more

How to turn off Siri or Google Assistant on iPhone and Android

Don’t want your smartphone to be able to chat with you through the voice assistant? To disable this feature on iPhone and Android smartphone, follow these steps. Voice assistants have been at the heart of our smartphones for a few years. Google has installed Assistant on all of its Android smartphones. On the Apple side, … Read more

Coronavirus – Vaccinated seniors die in nursing homes

SentSeptember 26, 2021, 11:19 Coronavirus infections have been reported in nursing homes, although patients have been vaccinated twice. The deaths are already unfortunate. The cantons are now considering a third vaccination. Archives / Photo d’illustration. AFP The disease was under control for eight months. After nearly all of the 56 residents of EMS Sankt Nikolaus … Read more

due to pressure from the extended Covid safe flag, vaccination time is increasing in Wallonia

For the same reasons and effects as in neighboring countries, when pressure from the authorities through the health permit seemed to be able to continue to obtain certain activities, vaccinations against Covid have suddenly started to rise again in Wallonia after the Covid safe flag was extended to hotels and restaurants, fitness centers, etc. This … Read more

France 2: Nagui dives again – Le Soir – Le Soir

France 2: Nagui dives again – Le SoirEvening Nagui, a host-producer who opposes everything, even many failuresdh.be Audience: TF1’s “The Voice” loses 500,000 viewers and “The Artist” in France 2 …Jean-Marc Morandin’s blog “At least I would have tried”: In The Artist, Nagui responds (again) to criticism of the show’s bad audiences (VIDEO)Télé Loisirs.fr “Artist”: … Read more

This bad look has become one of the most shared memes of all time: it is on sale and the auction starts at 13,000 euros

In 2013, Chloe Clem accidentally became a sensation on the Internet when she was only two years old, when her mother looked seriously sideways, and she described her reaction on a surprise trip to Disneyland. It all started when mother Katie announced a surprise trip while photographing her two daughters. When her older sister Lily … Read more

Powder drops again – DH Les Sports +

Rouches suffered a fourth defeat, the second in a row. Almost logical. Standard was used to winning after this season’s loss. On Saturday night, he waded in a second defeat in a row as he led, and then let himself go in the second half, so much for his guilt as for Bernd Hollerbach’s positive … Read more

Vaccines and myocarditis: a flawed study that was massively distributed on social networks | Coronavirus

A study by researchers at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute was published last week on a pre-press server, so before it is reviewed and peer-reviewed. He analyzed the number of cases of myocarditis and pericarditis (inflammation of the heart) in people who received the vaccine from Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech. The researchers identified 32 patients … Read more

West Flanders: 15-year-old teenager dies violently in Oostkamp, ​​several people arrested

The boy, who was not yet sixteen, was violently killed Friday night in Oostkamp, ​​West Flanders, the Bruges prosecutor’s office reported on Saturday. UA fifteen-year-old boy died violently on Friday night in Oostkamp, ​​West Flanders, the Bruges prosecutor’s office reported on Saturday. Several people were arrested. The events were held on Friday night in the … Read more