Wrote songs about relatives, became a relative himself – VG

[ad_1] LIVING LIFE: Former Katzenjammer Marianne Sveen postpones her solo performance for several years when her daughter fell ill with a serious illness. Photo: Paal Audestad Marianne Sveen’s writing process took a new turn when her daughter Fia became seriously ill. Published: Less than 3 hours ago Several years after Katzenjammer’s departure in 2015, she … Read more

Throw in a fixed price for customers after an electric shock – E24

[ad_1] Electricity customers with low-cost fixed-price contracts with Agva Kraft will find themselves in a record spot market. – Illegal redundancies, says the Consumer Council. Smile at the camera: The models smile in the promotion – but Agva Kraft gets criticism from both customers and consumer authorities. Watch more Agva Kraft Published: Published: Less than … Read more

Haugesund – Mjøndalen – New Bang:

[ad_1] Haugesund-Mjøndalen 7-0 (4-0) It was another heavy night for Vegard Hansen and with him. Haugesund didn’t give up until seven balls were put into the net, and Mjøndalen lost another ugly defeat in the bottom battle. – It is cruel what Mjøndalen has achieved, said Petter Bø at Tosterud Eurosport in the middle of … Read more

This is how Khloe Kardashian answers baby questions

[ad_1] In the spring of 2018, Khloé Kardashian (37) and the occasional boyfriend Tristan Thompson (30) became the parents of the little Girl (3). Although the NBA professional has a son from a previous relationship, this was the first child on the TV profile. In recent years, the Kardashian / Jenner clan has managed to … Read more

Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United

[ad_1] Laurent Blanc continues to regret not signing Manchester United early in his career. The Frenchman signed with Manchester United in 2001 and spent the last two years as a professional footballer at United. Now legend has it that Sir Alex Ferguson wanted him a lot early in his career and that he still regrets … Read more

The USB-C reality of the iPhone thanks to a robotics engineer

[ad_1] With the release of each new iPhone model, there are many rumors that the device has a USB-C input. So far, however, Apple has maintained the use of the Lightning port. However, the smart boy decided to get an iPhone with a USB-C port, and thanks to his technical skill, he took it right. … Read more

Clear message: – Switch to winter tires!

[ad_1] Already in mid-October, the frost has gained a foothold throughout the country. On Sunday night, Rena had nine degrees of frost, and a blizzard has devastated northern Norway for several days. The week starts with great weather in the south and snowfall in the north, while on Tuesday there is wind and rain all … Read more

Nils Kvalvik: – Barely injured in «Torpet»

[ad_1] “Farm” and the side competition “Torpet” are in full swing, and currently Nils Kvalvik (40), Mohamed Sarmadawy (27) and Daniel Godø (29) form a trio on a small side farm near Hurdal in Østre Toten. So far, “Torpet” has gone its own way, apparently without much drama. But in reality, cruel things have happened … Read more