Such are the pension increases in 2022 – we have calculations. Here are the rules for indexation and taxes without taxes [18.10.21 r.]

[ad_1] According to government announcements, the indexation of pensions may be high next year. In addition, a tax reform related to the Polish government is planned. This allows more money to appear in the accounts – “on hand”. According to the first forecasts, the indexation was supposed to be at the level of 104 percent. … Read more

La Palma: lava speed record for the Cumbre Vieja volcano

[ad_1] Volcanologists also recorded a record rate at which magma rises from volcanoes On Saturday afternoon, it crashed at 1300 m / h On the last day, the strongest earthquake occurred after the eruption of La Palma – its magnitude was 4.6 on the Richter scale More than 50 earthquakes have been recorded on the … Read more

“Hotel Paradise”. Klaudia Launo looked like she looked when she was 17 years old. He had no tattoos at the time. It is unrecognizable

[ad_1] Want to know more about TV shows? Check out the main page of Hotel Paradise Launo does not hide itself as a great friend of tattoos and piercings. He also doesn’t shy away from appearance corrections. The participant in the love show is already used to fans of his image. However, observers were … Read more

Germany is under threat. Warning of market collapse

[ad_1] The signatories of the letter urged the government to pay attention to the deteriorating situation. “The car industry is threatened with collapse, the collapse of the supply chain” – they emphasize. “Destructive market barriers, production downtime due to lack of components and significantly higher energy costs are becoming a devastating mix for suppliers. And … Read more

LIVE: Pogoń loses in Płock – –

[ad_1] LIVE: Pogoń loses in Płock – Premier League. How much is Pogoń Szczecin vs Wisła Płock? Live broadcastSports Wprost Dear “porters”, it is time to embrace yourself on your Will it succeed in the end? Chasing a difficult challengeInteria Kosta Runjaić returns with a new plan. “I’m curious myself”WP SportoweFakty View all … Read more

Majka Jeżowska and a giant pregnancy belly in one picture! The singer shared the good news :: Magazyn :: RMF FM

[ad_1] Majka Jeżowska posted a new picture on Instagram. In the foreground you see … pregnancy curves! The comments were full of congratulations in an instant. Majka Jeżowska is a Polish star who doesn’t need demonstrations! His hits hum the next generation from scratch, and songs like “And I prefer my mother” and “All our … Read more