Shared charger: better for consumers and the environment to present

[ad_1] It can be frustrating to need different USB cables to charge cell phones, tablets, or cameras. The EU wants us to go further by simplifying our lives and reducing e-waste. To find out what the proposal for a common charger contains, I spoke to Anna Cavazzin, Chair of Parliament’s Committee on Consumer Protection. Read … Read more

Low speed on the road, measures against pollution and accidents. Titi Aur: There are no problems for the Romanian authorities

[ad_1] Titi Aur spoke exclusively to DC News on Romania’s strategy to reduce traffic accidents and reduce pollution. Some European countries want to reduce legal speeds on certain road sections in order to reduce pollution, but also for safety reasons. Even the famous Sebastian Vettel believes that speed is one of the most important factors … Read more

Famous actor, now 88, announces retirement – News from sources

[ad_1] Michael Caine withdraws from the act, claiming to be an 88-year-old man and that he has probably played enough roles, reports The Guardian, Mediafax reports. This was announced in a recent BBC interview with Sir Michael, in which he talks about his new film Best Seller – an elderly man who would like to … Read more

Disappointed with the new iPhones, Apple will introduce a new generation of MacBooks on Monday

[ad_1] According to CNBC, Apple will hold a launch event on Monday to announce new products, including the revamped MacBook Pro. Apple has the opportunity to increase sales before holiday purchases, especially as it is expected to unveil more computers that use their own chips instead of Intel processors. Recent powerful M1 processors in the … Read more

Some vaccines protect for life. Why don’t Covid-19 vaccines do it?

[ad_1] Measles vaccines protect for life, chickenpox vaccines last 10 to 20 years, and tetanus vaccines last a decade or more. Why a Covid-19 booster is needed six months after the first vaccination is attempted to explain in a Wall Street Journal article. “A really good vaccine prevents people from getting infections even if they … Read more

Apocalypse revelations! What is the Romanian government hiding from the pandemic? The chief doctor said it – Evenimentul Zilei

[ad_1] Alexandru Rafila said he suffered greatly from the 2,000 deaths registered each week due to Covid-19 disease. He also referred to the measures required by the pandemic. The result was a shocking observation of a pandemic! The Romanian government has not yet provided any information. The famous expert pointed out that at this speed, … Read more