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Bangladesh-Myanmar will face the Olympics

Bangladesh-Myanmar will face the Olympics

Online Reporter Experiences and FIFA Ranking – Women are ahead of football in Myanmar before football Bangladeshi girls have never taken this country in the past. Sabina-Krishnara plans to play the olympic football tournament on Thursday when the match is a completely unknown and strong opponent.

Even though Bangladesh is not an integral part of Olympic football, Myanmar's opponents and the national team's battle is afraid of Golam Rabbani Chotaonan's team. The match starts at Thuna Stadium, Yangon, at 17:00 in Bangladesh.

The first group of "C" rounds played in Mysore The other two teams are India and Nepal. Bangladesh has not been in FIFA rankings because the national team is not in the long run. Two years ago, Bangladesh was 112. Myanmar's position in 44 of India (59) is more than fifteen steps ahead. Nepalese ranking 109

Bangladesh works well in women's football in age-based football. Redhead jersey girls, especially in South Asia, are flying. Youth Policy Bangladesh has to fight with experienced Burma. One of the Bangladeshi leaders said Captain Captain Sabina Khatun.

Prior to joining Myanmar, Bangladesh team coach Golam Rabbani Chhoton said he wanted to gain experience of a future national team tournament.

Sabinadera coach said at an official press conference in Yangang on Wednesday, "We have come here to have experiences, we have a good preparation for a year, we want to play good football here, all the parties are strong, and our team is dependent on our faithful girls to get more experience here."

Captain Sabina Khatun said, "Myanmar is a very strong team, we play against them for the first time, we want to play good matches against the hosts, we try to do something good at our best, we want to pray to our countrymen so we can play our best." Myanmar coach Win Thu Moye says: "We are favorites in this group, above all, I am a FIFA rankings ahead of this tournament we have had some preparation games for China and Japan against the goal is to reach the second round…."

Myanmar coach said: "Bangladesh is now a well-organized team. That's right, they are behind us, but they have the opportunity to get to the second round."

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