I love my wife, Actors say lie: Ajay



During the last episode, the popular chat show "Coffee With Karan", sister duo Arjun Kapoor and Jahnabi Kapoor this episode gets a lot of interest. The sixth season of this year, the popular guest star of Bollywood stars Ajay Devgan and Kajal Devgan are strangers.

Kajol competitors as an actor, everyone knows what his strength is. And the "lion" actress knows Ajay's skills, everyone knows. All in B-Town are aware of couples. Kajal always keeps scourges. He's got enough madness. Man Ajay Devgan also knows how to keep a happy wife, adapt to the wife's madness.

Producer Karan Johar shared a discussion with Ajo-Kajal with Promalla TV, Channel TV Star World. There is a war between a man and a wife.

It is seen in the first promotion, Ajay says that under the foot of Kajal, all new generation players can play Kajal's children as a hero. This time, Kajol looked at Ajay's eyes. He said "Ajay is old".

Ajay-Kajal's fun is not here. Karan Johar asked Kajal whether Ajay would listen to him or not. Immediately Ajay answers, "She listens, I never listen to her".


Then Kajal pushed him into another situation by Karan Johar. Ajay asks, all actors usually say no lies? Ajay answers, "All actors say this is a lie – I love a wife." Currently, Kajal is seen as surprised. He was slightly injured. But Ajay took care of it. He said he did not speak for himself, saying that the others were talking.

Another promo is visible, the performer Zohar raises the friendships towards Ajay Devgan. Because the problems that Ajay and Karan have had over the years have not been solved.

In 2016 Ajay Devgn's "Shiva" strategy Joharin's "Aya Dil Hai Mushkil" movie was thrown into the battlefield in a big battle. Both are bitter. The problem was born when Ajay complained, Karan threw his money to get a better picture of his picture. Kajol then supported Ajay at that time.

But with regard to slackness a bit tired after several months after Karan's birth, Kajal Kuch Hota Hai congratulated director Cajol.

Karan Johar mentions in her original life her relationship with Ajay and the bitterness of her relationship with Kajal. A popular leader wrote: "This problem was never between Kajal and me, it was between Kajal and me." Kajal seems to deny our 25-year-old friendship, and if he only wants to support his husband, he has the right to do so. "

However, when you try to make friends with Ajay, Kajol says he can not be her husband's friend because Karan is his friend. Karanake had to face difficult situations again. He wanted to make the relationship normal.

It is, however, funny to note in Pramote. When Ajay asked for the date of marriage, she went to bed. Then he said the wrong date. Cajol was also surprised. But he said the exact date. Source: India TV


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