Monday , August 2 2021

Khaleda Zia's appeal for suspension of the sentence

Custom Provider: In the case of corruption in Zia Orphanage Trust, BNP Chairman Khaleda Zia has asked the High Court to postpone a sentence of 10 years.
The complaint was filed yesterday at the Lobby Chamber's chamber. In addition, the petition is also filed with Khaledan Zia's pay, said his lawyer, barrister Kaiser Kamal.
He told reporters that BNP chairman Khaleda Zia was sentenced to five years in the case of a false, counterfeit and counterfeit case. High Court appealed to the court, the BNP chairman complained. I thought you got a repair here. But surprisingly, the Higher Degree of Hearing has been strengthened. This is an unprecedented phenomenon in the Indian and Indian Peninsula. In addition, prior to the expiry of the appeal, the judgment should be pronounced. We could not conclude the hearing even after complaining about ACC. The ruling was declared in this situation.
The judge stated that the absence of an appeal to redress appeals generally lacks the appeal. But Khaleda's Zia is no exception. It is politically motivated.
The petition was made to suspend the High Court judgment in the Orphanage Trust the next day after High Court appealed to Khaleda Zia for seven years in the Zia Charitable Trust case.
BNP leaders hope that if the sentence is annulled in these two cases, it will create a way for the participation of former Prime Minister Khaleda Zia. At the same time, BNP leaders have bought a party nomination form from three locations in his name. However, the ruling Awami League leaders have said that Khaleda Zia has lost her ability to deny condemnation.
The 5th Special Judge of Dhaka's Dhaka Special Judge gave Khaleda Zia five years of imprisonment on February 8, 2001, when he had sentenced 1.25 million TK complaints about the name of Zia Orphanage Trust from abroad. After the sentence he was in jail.
Judge M Enayetur Rahim and Minister of Justice Mohammad Khaleda delivered a judgment on 8 November after hearing Khaleda Zia's appeal against the Judge's judgment and revision of the ACC. Mostafizur Rahman's high-level bench Khaleda Zia's sentence grew from five to ten years.
Lawyer Mahbubey Alam told reporters that Khaleda Zia was accused of the main case. The other accused, who have been punished for ten years, can not be less punished than the defendants.
On the other hand, Khaleda Zia, one of the lawyer lawyers of the Supreme Court, Mahbub Uddin Khokon, barrister, said on Saturday that they shocked the decision to increase the sentence, Khaleda Zia did not receive justice anywhere.
The ACC case was filed with BNP Chairman Khaleda Zia in 2008 during an emergency. Khaleda Zia was convicted of a criminal misconduct since the throne had been misled after the court's court ruled the length of the trial.
The other five defendants are Tarique Rahman, vice-president of the BNP, Khal Salimul Haque Kamal and businessman Sharfuddin Ahmed, former Secretary-General Dr. Kamal Uddin Siddiqui, Ziaur Rahman's nephew Mominur Rahman, and former businessman Sharfuddin Ahmed, who received 10 years of strict imprisonment. The judge also imposed fines of 20.17 million pounds on the accused. According to the Judge, the judge stated that he was given five years in prison, taking into account the age and social status.

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