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Minnie takes Rifat to the hospital (video)


Rifas were publicly beaten

Minnie is taken to the hospital alone while Rifat is in the blood. Photo: Collected

Another new video was discovered two months and 20 days after the murder of Rifat Sharif in Barguna. Minnie's father claimed that the video contained the CCTV of Barguna General Hospital.

It was found that Ayesha Siddika Minnie took Rifat Sharif to Barguna Hospital alone in a rickshaw while she was in the blood.

An investigator said Minnie Rickshaw did not take Rifatt to the hospital and was not found innocent. According to Rifat's father, it's a Minni drama.

In the latest 5-minute video, Minnie takes Rifat to the hospital emergency room with battery-powered sulfur on June 23 at 9:30 p.m.

A young man standing there ran a rickshaw carrying Rifat Sharif. Seeing Rifat's condition, he went to the hospital with the carrier and came to Sulfur. Many people came in at that time. Then unconscious Rifat Sharif rushed to the hospital emergency room.

Then Minnie spoke to someone on the phone in front of the hospital. Then he went to the hospital. Soon after, Minnie's father, Mozammel Hossain, a teenager and uncle, Abu Saleh, rushed to the hospital.

The ambulance arrived in front of the hospital at 5:00 that morning. There, Rifat Sharif's friend Manjurul Alam Jan and some of his friends came to the hospital. John talks on the phone several times.

At 5:00, Rifat was taken to an ambulance while waiting for Rifat Sharif on a carrier while oxygen and two saline solutions were applied. The ambulance left Barisal's target at 7 a.m. at Barguna General Hospital.

According to a Barguna General Hospital source, the hospital authorities and the Barguna District Police have two separate CCTV cameras in front of Barguna General Hospital. However, the source could not confirm which camera the video contained.

Meanwhile, in the first video of Rifat Sharif's public beating in front of Barguna Government College on June 27, it appears that Rifat Sharif is trying to protect Rifat Sharif when he is hit by terrorists.

Then, in a video released at another event, Minnie walks past the terrorists, taking the Rifat University gate east. As a result, many doubted that Minnie might have been involved.

Because of this suspicion, Rifat Sharif's father Dulal Sharif held a news conference at the Barguna Press Club on July 4, five days after the event. He mentioned the video.

On July 5, Minnie was summoned to interrogate her father's home and was arrested. Minnie is currently released on bail 7. and stay at his father's house. Minnie's comments could not be taken due to the high court ban.

In this regard, Minnie's father, Mozammel Hossain Kishore, told Jugantar on Monday evening: "I received this video two days ago in front of a hospital." He wants to keep his name secret if he wants to know who got it.

Minni's father said that Monday morning I gave a video to a reporter named Ruhan.

"I have said earlier that my daughter tried his best to save her husband that day," he said.

Did your daughter's girlfriend go to Barisal with Rifat that day? He said that my daughter did not take me to Barisal. My daughter is accused of conspiracy in this case.

When asked about this, Minnie lawyer Mahbubul Bari told Jugantarille on Monday: "I have seen the video, this clearly shows that Minnie has tried its best to protect the Rifatia that day I have not yet seen what the officer's investigation has Because the police have not received a copy of the appeal brought by the Court…. I'll get the details when I get a copy.

Investigator of the case, inspector of Barguna Police Station. Humayun Kabir told Jugantar on Monday: "We have sent the wise court the maximum number of charges against Minnie." Now we do not know if a new video has been released. After examining the case and submitting the prosecution to the court, I had no opinion. Still, he said Minnie Rickshaw didn't take Rifatt to the hospital and she has not been proven innocent.

Rifat Sharif's father, Abdul Halim Dulal, told Jugantar Monday night that my son had gone to Barguna General Hospital that day with a rickshaw, wounding in the hands of new bonds. Minnie later goes to the hospital alone. It looks like Minnie became my son's rickshaw on the way.

But I also saw the video. Minnie brought my son to the hospital. But why didn't Minnie go to Barisal? Even after my son was killed, Minnie didn't go to our house. The land has seen Min's drama. I will say that Minnie was the fuel for my son's murder. My son was killed for Minnes, he said.

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