Saturday , July 31 2021

Teknaf kills "drug businessman"

Police on Monday claimed that a man named Sona Mia, 30, died of two firefighting firing at Cox's Bazar Teknafi supremacy. Photo: NTV

The police have claimed that 30-year-old Sona Mia was killed in two drug dealers in a group stifling the supremacy of Cox's Bazar Teknaf.

The event took place on Wednesday, Wednesday, in the Western Satghariyapara district in the Upazila Hoeking Region.

Sona Mian area Mobarak Ali son died.

Teknafi Chief of Police (Investigation) Badruddoha claimed, "There was a firefight between two drug trafficking groups under way after Satghariyapara's supremacy, and Teknaf's police station came to the scene after local people panicked and told the police that drug traffickers flee to the scene when they saw the presence of the police.

"Later, the young man was rescued on the spot and taken to the health complex of Upazila. He was reported dead by a doctor," the police said.

Later the locals recognized the dead person. According to Sona Mia's drug law, there are several cases. The police said he was in jail many times because of this.

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