Friday , March 5 2021

Throw a thump businessman at Pallabi's Capital

The soldier was shot dead in Pallabi

One person has been shot dead by a group of unsuccessful after disputing Jhoot's business in Pallabi. The dead was identified by Mohiuddin Khan Mohan (42). The event took place on the way to Paris in Pallab on Friday at 20.30. Another person named Hasan Ali (40) was shot at the event.

It is known that the father of the dead Mohan was Abdur Rashid. His village Kishoreganj Karimganj upazila the district. She lived with her family in Jhoot Patti Pallabi area of ​​Mirpur-10 and used to do business in the area. Mohan's nephew, Al Amin, told reporters that Mohan was standing in front of the house in Paris at Pallab last night. This time, two people came to the motorcycle and shot at Alokalon in a targeted manner. The wrong shot was punctured in the stomach and thorax of the abdomen and by the passer-by Hasan. The villains fled. Later, the locals played both Dhaka Medical College Hospital. Approximately at 22.30 Mohan was declared a doctors dead. Hassan is currently being treated at the Dhaka Medical College Hospital.

Pallab Police Officer (Operations) Imranul Islam said that Mohan, who was fired seven or eight months earlier because of a business dispute, was shot. The event is just supposed to have met her.

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