Monday , August 2 2021

240 seats were threatened in Barcelona, ​​55 in Belgium

The reorganization will continue in Barco, with a decline, mainly internationally. The group's employees are not worried about the planned 240 jobs. There are 55 jobs in Belgium.


wants to simplify its organizational structure. Operational efficiency measures have been extended for two years. The aim of the management is to "confirm the efficiency and flexibility of its operations". If you want Jan De Witte, the managing director of an audiovisual technology expert, his company has to adapt to the "taking the lead in the ever more global and dynamic markets, and the demands that are increasingly evolving into customers' hands"Principal", it is necessary to provide a more flexible, responsive organization that focuses on customer services. "

Actually Barco goes in its "Focus to Perform" plan was launched in 2016. "The portfolio of operations and some of the production is rationalized. We have implemented high-value design initiatives. Now is the time for Barco to take the next step and build its future as a hardware, software and service company"says Jan De Witte.

But this redeployment also has impact on the workforce Flanders: approx 240 indirect jobs throughout the organization, including 55 in Belgium are likely to fall on the route by 2019. However, Barco notes thatEmployees have no impact on the reduction of planned jobs. As a reminder, Kortrijk employs 3,600 people in 90 countries.

By 2020, the image processing team is expected to see a decrease in operating costs by EUR 20 million. "We work with employee representatives in different geographic areas where we are active in a constructive dialogue and we hope to find suitable solutions for the benefit of all employees.s, says Barco's CEO.

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