At the 20th anniversary of its anniversary, Belgocontrol changed its name to Skeyes


Belgocontrol, which is responsible for air traffic control in Belgium, ceases to exist. He changes his name and comes to Skeyes on Thursday, he announced on Wednesday night. This year, the independent public company celebrates 20 years of existence and exploits this anniversary and changes the identity of its new corporate culture.

Belgocontrol was established in 1998 when the Régie des Voies Aéroport became an independent public company. It is 100% federally owned, but it works completely independently. It guarantees aviation safety at national and regional airports, as well as the aviation approach and overflow in the Belgian airspace. Its air traffic controllers have operated around 20 million flights over the past 20 years.

An important step

His new name "Skeyes naturally refers to the airspace and the air traffic controllers connected to it. But it also refers to the way the company looks at people: passengers, customers, and stakeholdersExplain the company.

To Decuyper, managing director of the organization, this change of name is just an important step in the company's history. "We are only facing the challenges ahead: we must remain firm in the international air traffic control environment. However, I am convinced that we are armed in front of the futureHe says.


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