"Children of their offspring" is "a piece of society" that guarantees the Goncourt Prize


Nicolas Mathieu talks about franceinfo characters and a novel about the story that won the Prix Goncourt.

"I wanted to restore, show and do as closely as possible while making sure the reader is closed" reading the novel Their children behind them (Editions Actes Sud, Aug. 2018), reaffirmed on November 7, franceinfo Nicolas Mathieu, who received the award for Goncourt 2018. He wakes up the novels of his novel "Surprised". "Their logic was prescribed to me and they had become too dense not to let themselves go", says the writer who was "more than follow them". This novel is "a piece of society".

franceinfo: This small city of Lorraine where this novel is happening is fictitious, but you talk about the places and people you know very well?

One writes very well just what you know very well. I played geographic fiction to give me a free hand, but these are easily recognizable places, the Moselle mines.

Do you describe your teenage hours?

Yes, I'm annoyed with my senses, youth is characterized by feelings of rage, explosion, and restraint [sont décrits dans ce roman] but it's also the sensations of the summer, the time that goes, the desire, and what the weather does in our body. Full writing, if I have a key word in the summary of the approach, it's a refund. I try to be closer to the skin and [mes personnages] exist and since it starts working, I just have to follow them.

They took you to places you do not believe in your characters?

Absolutely, because of my whole novel, I know the storm, the explosion, the disaster and myself, they surprised me in all respects. Their logic was set for me and they had become too dense to let themselves be.

Is it a political book?

It is a political book, but it is not a political step. Since I do not have a program or improvement project, but it is political because it describes the world, the part of society that describes the hierarchies, the distance between people, how contradictory it is. and how we will continue living together. Analyzing the reality as it is, talking about our lives as they are is a prerequisite for something better. I wanted to do, show and do as closely as possible while making sure the reader is closed. I will not take a stand, I will return to the world and let it experience the reader.


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