DALS 9: why Michel Sardou did not answer any of the candidates for the last prize?


It is now official: Iris Mittenaere and Clement Remiens are fighting for a week to win DALS. And in the eyes of Michel Sardou, it's strangely immovable that the candidates got their ticket to go to the last …

This Saturday, November 24, on the plateau Dance Stars had sown Michel Sardou's sweet melodies. But with it candidates until final, the exhibition was not happy to sing songs: a 71 year old artist had made a trip somewhere, La Plaine Saint-Denis. And if he did not notice, or Clement Remiensor Iris Mittenaereor Terence Telle, he gave himself every night trying to bribe on his evening the neighbor, Chris Marques, so it would normally raise very acid banknotes.

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"I will come from you, it will deceive me, he cried by threatening to "break the guards". Dancer than Dupond I understand … He knows what it is, it's his job. But you … You you do not know how to do anything! And besides her dithyrambic outputs As for the jury, Michel Sardou did not show any enthusiasm for his competitors to stand in the door. It has to be said that when he tried to explain the whole broadcast, he simply could not physically will not do it. " I could not get up because I had a leg [dans le pl√Ętre] Was she then sorry Iris Mittenaere and Anthony Colette rumba on I love you.

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Small health problem who remember that he had already hurt him a few days after the disappearance of Charles Aznavour? Although the tri-colored gratin celebrated its French Sinatra last October 5thMichel Sardou was simply twisted into his home. No Invalids for her : work foot and tendon, the artist was stuck in " until December As we said close to the singers. It's also using sugar cane that he ended up lifting himself up at the end of the show to break the kiss of his friend's judges. It's not just that Love's disease which ultimately reaches Michel …

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