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Diving in Riad Sattouf's "sequel"

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Title "Arabe du futur", part 1. RIAD SATTOUF / ALLARY WRITINGS

Comics like everything, it's never harmless to see who we are going to succeed. In the Paris Center Pompidou Public Information Service (BPI), where Riad Sattouf settled for four months, a brief list of places that were previously inhabited is obvious because who knows little about history 9e art: Art Spiegelman (2011), Claire Bretécher (2015), André Franquin (2016) – excuse me a bit.

The chosen spirits can well point out that the cartoon is not exposed in the center of the National Art Museum, located 4e and 5e but only in the "ground floor library" it does not stop: a certain institutional association is given every time the artist enters Beaubourg on any floor.

Riad Sattouf could not go for a shot. The designer, including the director, has become a major contributor to the contemporary comic book in a few years & # 39;The future of the Arab, An autobiographical saga in the Middle East (Libya, Syria) and France, translated over twenty languages ​​and sold to 1.5 million copies (4e volume, released at the end of September).

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Like Marjane Satrapi (Persepolis) or Joann Sfar (Rabbi's Cat) in front of him, Riyadh Sattouf brings rocks in a spectacular way to the disruption of a comic strip that sees this growing publicity year after year. Most of its readers do not consist of comic bookmakers, but readers who are more common than general bookstores than specialized bookstores. In their view, this elegant and didactic exhibition gained an idea, guided by three scientific advisers (sociologist, cartoon historian, French literary professor).

A natural gift to transcribe real

& # 39;The future of the Arab occupying only a quarter of space, inviting visitors to explore the other achievements of the author. His other "success" is Beautiful kids, which he made in 2009 by adapting two of his albums (The secret of youth, back to college). But Sylvester Stalker and François Truffaut's protagonist Sattouf – are also the father of lesser-known emoticons such as hyperviril Pascal Brutal (the award-winning Golden Fauv's best album Angoulême in 2010) Puppies Farlouse bird (who learns to fly) or Jeremiah's loser.

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