Eupen-Anderlecht: Mauvis hit a pole and a cross shot saves them twice (DIRECT, 1-1)

Vincent Kompany has made changes to its early stages XI. Delcroix lined up alongside Hoedt and Hardwood-Bellis in a three-way defense. Murillo took Sardella’s place in the right lane.

Refaelov and El Aitdj are on the bench.

At the beginning of the match, Eupen created the first blow of the match from losing the defense. Van Crombrugge captured the leather in two stages. Although Mauvilla has more balls, N’Goy was there to bring danger to the goal of Brussels.

At half an hour, Eupen again brought danger to Van Criombrugge’s cage. Without the intervention of the Mauve captain, the situation was 1-0.

After 38 minutes of play, the free-spirited Mauves decided to go for goal as he struck the ball from the corner of the pitch. Murillo found Amuzun, whose attack was badly blocked by Abdul Manaf. Benito Raman followed and pushed the ball into the net before it came in.

Immediately after the goal, Anderlecht started a counterattack and the Gomez shot was moved to the corner.

Seconds before the break, Prevljack found a cross that Van Crombrugge pushed back. But Cools was in the right place to push the ball to the bottom.

After the lemons, RSCA returned to the field with better intentions. Amuzu almost managed to score another goal for Murillo, coming from the right, but his header was tipped over for a corner by the visitors’ keeper. Hardwood-Bellis found the message in the corner.

53 minutes into the game, Murillo almost gave the visitors the lead, as he clipped a delicate lob over the keeper, but the ball glanced harmlessly off the crossbar.

Moments later, Van Crombrugge was saved from his crossbar.

At the stopped stage, the pandas again hit the crossbar through Beck’s forehead.


Actors: Abdul Manaf, Heris, Amat, Agbadou, Beck, Cools, Kayembe, Peeters, N’dri, N’Goy, Prevljack

Anderlecht: Van Crombrugge, Murillo, Delcroix, Hoedt, Hardwood-Bellis, Gomez, Cullen, Ashimeru, Verschaeren, Amuzu, Raman

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