Saturday , March 6 2021

Facebook could soon market a … watch

Mark Zuckerberg’s company could release a smartwatch in 2022.

Facebook could conquer new markets, and this time there should be no question of a new social network in their hands. According to US media reports InformationMark Zuckerberg’s company would seriously consider competing with brands like Samsung, Huawei, Fitbit or Apple Watch by joining the connected watch market.

Facebook would rely on communication features and services to differentiate itself. Remember that the latter has Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. Behemoths in the messaging market. In addition to this trend, Facebook is also focusing on health and fitness features – aspects that other big names in the industry have already taken advantage of.

Facebook’s smartwatch would be based on variations of Google’s operating system, Android, but Mark Zuckerberg’s company could also develop its own operating system. At this point, nothing is less certain.

It would not be the first time Facebook has entered the hardware market. Indeed, the social network has already established itself in the virtual reality market with Oculus VR headphones. It also offers smart video conferencing screens, called Portal – with varying degrees of success. By offering its own combined watch, Facebook could consolidate its position in new markets and attract new users. The company could also combine all the products together and provide a new experience for its users. It remains to be seen whether Facebook will actually launch a smartwatch in 2022.

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