Friday , February 26 2021

Google makes mea culpa and promises changes

Thousands of Google employees showed on 8 November 2018 in San Francisco to introduce sexual harassment at their workplace. – Noah Berger / AP / SIPA

It's time to apologize and promise change. Accused of treating sexual harassment, Google promised on Thursday openness and support for victims, responding to the hatred of the thousands of thousands of workers that have been exposed in turn by the #MeToo inspiration.

"We must admit that we have not always done the right thing in the past, and we are sincerely sorry," the tech giant Sundar Pichai wrote to the employee in an email. "It is clear that we need to make changes," he continued with his message by following a blog post that gives more details on "more transparency" and "support".

Victims are better off

Google promises to report regularly about the number of cases of sexual harassment found in the company and disciplinary action taken. For those who report on such activities, they are better supported and followed, assured the group that has just celebrated its twentieth anniversary.

As employees demand, Google will also end the mandatory "arbitration clause" that requires employees to resort to some form of out-of-court mediation instead of sexual harassment or assault experiment. It is now "optional".

"Discourage" "excessive" alcohol consumption

This clause is common in American companies. The car manufacturer Uber stopped its pressure last May after several scandals. Google is also committed to strengthening mandatory employee training in this area or closer to "excessive alcohol consumption", which is about 20 percent of internally reported harassment.

However, a group who enjoys a modern image and a cool working atmosphere is backed by anti-discrimination movement # Metoo, born of the first accusations of a movie theater
Harvey Weinstein last year.

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