Sunday , March 7 2021

Kim Kardashian had to flee to his home in California –

Kim Kardashian is leaving his home in Calabasas, while the "tornado fire" forces thousands of Californians to evacuate.

Kim Kardashian had to evacuate her home in Calabasas on a Thursday night when a massive fire came in California.

The 38-year-old television star was captured by tornadoes that hit hundreds of people in their homes, cars, and even the state hospital basement.

Kim told his millions of followers that he had only the chance to pick up a few things before he left.

"Pray for Calabas," Instagram wrote in his article about his return to Los Angeles. Fire can be seen below.

"I just came home and I had an hour to pack and evacuate our house. Pray that everyone is safe."

The police have begun thousands of people to evacuate mass evacuation in the Paradise area of ​​Butte County, where some people have to remove the car and the shelter according to reports.

The fire spread to 17,000 acres according to local reports. Car drivers depict horrifying scenes of flames lurking along the road as they try to escape – reports that hundreds of vehicles are "going to fire."

According to other reports, 150 people were reportedly trapped in their legs and the fireman estimated that 50 people were stuck in one hospital.

The man went on Twitter saying his "mother was stuck with other drivers" on the road – "houses burning nearby".

He reported that people abandoned their vehicles and ran their lives "with their children and their pet."

Another local said when he heard four "cling to the hospital basement" because "fire is too important not to go out".

And another described the fire as "very unpleasant to burn the entire city".

Within a few hours Kim, the inhabitants of the area, also had a common police and fire truck video, and they said, "They are now evacuating all their homes."

In the background, you hear a young voice, probably the Holy One, who says, "We are safe."

The Calabasas Twitter account was told that they evacuate all Calabasas and Agoura, all nearby hiding hills and hills where rich and celebrity dwells.

They also said that all schools in the region will be closed on Friday.

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