Sunday , June 13 2021

Seven years when I wanted to kill an Afghan refugee


Brandon twice attacked his victim. Once with a knife

The death of 23-year-old Afghan refugees nearly died on July 13, 2017 in Couvin. This young man was expelled twice on the same day.

First about 4:30 pm by bicycle. Then the second time around 23 h. Accused of murder for murdered pregnancy, the main throne, Brandon, was sentenced to seven years in prison on Wednesday.

The first attack was completely free. As evidenced by the defendant's statements. "We were in Parc de Couvin. We played with friends. He left, stopped him and hit him."

In the evening, Afghan refugees returned to their places, according to him, to return cycling tires and wheel pumps in the first transhipment. Brandon was always there.

During this second episode, the Afghani got three spots: one in his hand, one in his thighs and one in his chest, causing pneumothorax and lung piercing. According to Brandon, a refugee carried a gun. He would only defend himself by turning the gun against him. A system that the court did not comply with.

The question was whether Brandon would kill his opponent. If so, find out if he was animated through a race. The answer to Dinant's Court is yes. Because Brandon has been described as part of Couvin's skinheads because he strikes without any cause and because he likes refugees he nicknames "Arabs", should not be here.

As for the purpose of homicide, it is supported by the nature of the weapon, namely a knife with a 9 cm conical blade, targeted areas and number of hits.

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