The first approaches between Windows 11 and AMD processors did not go very well


WindowsThe unexpected launch of Windows 11 had changed, but at the same time made millions of happy users around the world. However, among those who immediately ran to install it, more than a few problems were observed. Some of these are certainly due to the young age of Microsoft’s new operating system, while others are due to integration with hardware currently on the market. Another case is when AMD brand processors weaken. The U.S. company warned last week that its chips had performance issues with Windows 11, and now Microsoft’s first update to the new operating system seems to have exacerbated the situation.

AMD and Microsoft have found two Windows 11 issues with Ryzen processors. The operating system can cause a triple L3 cache delay and slow performance by up to 15% in some games. Another problem affects AMD’s primary core technology, which transfers threads to the fastest core in the processor. AMD reports that this second error may affect the performance of CPU-dependent tasks. However, it looks like fixes to both Ryzen issues are coming by the end of the month.


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