the political situation is still blocked in Linkebeek

The majority of Linkebeek's support for the future mayor's support has so far been unnecessary in Linkebeek. According to the LKB Samen Ensemble list, led by Damien Thiéry, Monday's hearing did not produce results.

On October 14, Link & Venir, led by Yves Ghequière, won seven of the Board's fifteen seats, five seats from LKB Damien Thiéry and three of Activ's. Yves Ghequiére is missing a signature for his presentation.

More than two weeks ago, Link @ Venir sent a list of two other candidates to the letter containing the proposal.

Two days later, the bilingual Activ list had announced that he did not accept Yves Ghequière's proposal to support the candidacy for the same reason: it is not a proposal for a majority of the constitution, but a request to approve the appointment of Yves Ghequière as Bourgmestre.

The echo was the same as Ensemble LKB Samen.

"Trust is now less than zero"

According to Damien Thiéry, Monday's meeting was held on the initiative of Link @ Future List at the request of Ensemble LKB Samen. On Tuesday, he said he had not received a concrete proposal to consider common work and the slightest tips "Restores confidence that is currently less than zero".

"It is clear that, in addition to the request to present the Ghequière demonstration, no concrete proposal has been made to join another list in order to resolve a never-unknown situation in Linkebeek, which is entirely responsible for Link @ becoming"comments on Tuesday by Damien Thiéry.

He pointed out that when he had warned the campaign at various times of the danger represented by the distribution of the French majority, he had received anybody from his attempt to join a breach of trust.

Mr Thiéry today wants to appeal to the "democratic significance" of the newly elected municipal representatives,going tempting to try to block either list is an unfortunate method that does not encourage building the confidence necessary to create healthy co-operation at Link @ coming. "

Along with Linkebeek Samen believes that the Link @ coming list will be revealed "can not join the other two lists to get Linkebeek out of this surreal situation that he awakened".

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