Monday , August 2 2021

vaccinations are already open for 18 years

The epidemic is receding a little more every day, although the level remained high in 5,231 intensive care patients in France (-600 per week). Vaccination is accelerating. From May 12, anyone can bite when there are doses left, as long as they are of legal age. Measure already in force in Bastia, Corsica.

On site, all ages can be found in the queue. Preference for people with co-morbidities but there are a lot of servings in stock in the area. At the center, almost 1,000 injections are given per day.

“We never leave a dose without someone getting it. From the age of 18, we have a strong demand,” says the center’s nurse. “Time is running out, says a young vaccinated Morgane who admits to attending and meeting people recently. We want to live on from our lives “.

Vaccination for all is also a political choice. “When we restricted vaccination sites, we only had about 30 requests. In order not to discard doses, as has sometimes happened, we decided to open this vaccination campaign to the general public,” says Vice President Laura Orsini Solis. mayor of health.
Corsica is one of the areas that vaccinated the population the most. It is also an economic issue because the island is preparing for the summer season, which has a large number of people and cannot afford to stop.

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