Sunday , June 13 2021

Angélica denies having a boyfriend, Zezé Di Camargo

Angélica denies that she already has a boyfriend Zezé Di Camargo - Reproducção / Instagram / @ angelicaksy

Angelica decided to use the official Instagram page to comment on the controversy with her name. Last time in interview with Rafael Cortez on YouTube, Leo Lobo stated that his wife had been in love with Zezé Di Camargo before he married Luciano Huck.

"Guys, I'm really upset. Amazing how irresponsible people are! Before I turned the snow ball, I decided to talk about. I think it's very ugly to do other stories, but when it involves families, it is even more irresponsible. (…) Everything is a lie. I know ex-wife, I like a family, my daughters are my friends. I respect all families very much, and I also want to respect me, "said the blonde in the social network.

After selecting three celebrities and telling them, Fofocalizando, the SBT's evening restaurant rapporteur continued to do more time and made strong announcements.

In addition to Angelica, Leon Lobo spoke to the front of the cameras Fausto Silva.

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