Bolsonaro criticizes Enemia and says that the evidence must gather useful information – Education

Elected President Jair Bolsonaro today criticized the National Enem (Enem) and held a Sunday test on "bullied" and "aggravated indoctrination". TV Editor José Luis In Datena's interview, Bolsonaro said that the ideological issue is a serious country that needs to be dealt with.

"Much worse than corruption is an ideological issue in Brazil that some of us here in our country are eating very well and you have to fight it. Until the extreme testimony of Enem, it is a disgrace to see what is a testimony of Enem who measures the knowledge, , which was held last Sunday, that is, an aggravated indoctrination, "said Bolsonaro.

The president also said that Enem should collect "useful information" for society and not deal with issues that may affect young people in the future. "The question of evidence that comes with dialectics, the secret language of gays and transvestites has nothing to do, it does not measure any information, unless we are sure that children will be interested in the future," he said.

Formerly the federal deputy Eduardo Bolsonaro (PSL) also criticized Exame. In his Twitter account, the son of the presidency shares a distrustful comment on one of the questions that contained the text "secret dialect" used by gays and transvestites. "Please note that it is not necessary for the Minister of Education to know the transvestites or the feminism dictionary," wrote Eduardo Bolsonaro.

However, the question did not give students information on the glossary of gays and transvestites, but contained a supportive text and questioned the technical characteristics of the language used in the language.

The vice president also urged students to study what makes them a suitable life. "Dear students, when interviewing a job or opening a warning company: Sexuality, feminism, transvestite language, machismo and so on are of little or no significance, so study what makes you fit," wrote Eduardo Bolsonaro.

The deputy also had a common message where Enem called "strange" and supports the approval of a project that wants to set up a so-called " School without Party.


The test used on Sunday (4) had languages, humanities and literary issues dealing, for example, with human rights, racism, military dictatorship and violence against women. The theme of the theme was "Manipulating User Behavior through Data Surveillance on the Internet". The content of the test had a good impact between the experts and the teachers.

The second Enem test is held next Sunday (11). In the second phase students ask questions about natural sciences and maths.

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