Tuesday , April 20 2021

CAPS AD III performs programming by referring to Blue November «News from Acre

After signing blue in early November, the Alcohol and Drug Center (CAPS AD III) of the Rio Branco Psychoanalytical Support Center presented on Wednesday 14th this morning a program focusing on the health of the man where the prisoners were welcomed and also the users who have been in the day return to their family after receiving follow-up.

"It's human health guidance where they can get this information together with our doctors and the CAPS AD III team, we offer that day by praying, lunch, talking and lunch," explains CAPS AD III Nilcy Vilaço.

CAPS AD III – CEO in November Blue Programming (photo: Júnior Aguiar)

Alessandro Gomes, a specialist in family medicine and medicine at CAPS AD III, says that November Blue is not only about prostate cancer but also general guidelines, including food thoughts, the importance of exercise and other habits that become healthier for the quality of life.

"Speaking of blue November is an opportunity to raise awareness not only of patients who want to care in the unit, but also to empower them as assistants, as long as they are people who can pass on this information to others," explains Alessandro Gomes.

CAPS supports users and families in seeking independence and care. The program had a total of 35 participants, of which 4 were internal and 31 patients were monitored in the unit.

"I've taken care of CAPSia for some time, and for me it is very important that I am here, because I'm in a place where people are like me, the same problems, and this is good, because it has many dynamics that deal directly through which I go through and to face every day, "says CAPS AD III patient Dagmar de Oliveira.

The Center for Psychosocial Treatment of Alcohol and Drugs is a special service to treat, integrate and continuously treat people in need of alcohol, cracks and other drugs. Its special target audience is adults, but it can also serve children and young people, according to the guidelines of the Child and Youth Statute (ECA).

"CAPS has a fundamental role in hoidossani, faced difficulty in these meetings, when I suspect that a psychologist will come and help me, and the therapist will explain what I go through with this, and I got on a daily basis," adds Dagmar.

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