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Covid dies in 2468 hours 3668 deaths Brazil hit again by worst pandemic | Coronavirus

Brazil broke a new record 3668 Covid deaths recorded in the last 24 hours and total this Tuesday (30) 317,936 deaths. So, moving average of country deaths in the last seven days it was 2728, the new worst mark in the index for the fifth consecutive day. Compared to the 14-day average variation was + 34%, point rising trend in disease deaths.

This is evidenced by a new study by the media consortium on the coronavirus pandemic situation in Brazil, based on data from state health departments, consolidated on Tuesday at 8 p.m.

One day before the end of the month in March, there are already almost twice as many Covids dead in July 2020, which was the worst month of the pandemic. – until it is exceeded during the current month. According to media associations, 32,912 diseases died in July. So far it has been 62,918 deaths in March not land. See below:

So far the worst month of the pandemic, March is almost double the deaths in July and 2020, the second worst month – Photo: Editoria de Arte / G1

It’s been 69 days in a row, and the moving average of deaths exceeds a thousand; By the 23rd the mark is more than 1.5 thousand; and the country is now running for two weeks, with an average of more than 2,000 deaths a day. It is the fourth day that the average exceeds the limit of 2.5 thousand.

See last week’s ranking in a moving average:

Developments in the moving average of deaths last week. It is already the Fifth Consecutive Record – Photo: Editoria de Arte / G1

  • Wednesday (24): 2279
  • Quinta (25): 2.276
  • Friday (26): 2,400 (record)
  • Saturday (27): 2,548 (record)
  • Sunday (28): 2,598 (record)
  • Monday (29): 2,655 (record)
  • Tuesday (30): 2,728 (record)

In confirmed cases since the beginning of the pandemic 12,664,058 Brazilians have had or are having a new coronavirus, with 86704 of them were confirmed on the last day. Moving average in the last seven days there were 75,340. This represents a + 7% variation within two weeks of the registered cases, indicating trend in stability of diagnoses.

Seventeen and the federal district are dying more and more: ES, MG, RJ, SP, DF, GO, MS, MT, AP, TO, AL, CE, MA, PB, PE, PI, RN and SE.

  • Total deaths: 317,936
  • 24-hour death: 3,668
  • Average number of new deaths in the last seven days: 2728 (variation in 14 days: + 34%)
  • Total confirmed cases: 12,664,058
  • Register of confirmed cases within 24 hours: 86,704
  • Average of new cases over the last seven days: 75340 per day (variation in 14 days: + 7%)
  • Top (17 states and federal district): ES, MG, RJ, SP, DF, GO, MS, MT, AP, TO, AL, CE, MA, PB, PE, PI, RN and SE
  • In stability (7 modes): PR, RS, SC, AC, PA, RO and BA
  • Falling (2 modes): AM e RR

This comparison takes into account the average number of deaths over the last seven days compared to the average recorded two weeks ago (understand G1 analyze pandemic trends).

It is worth mentioning that there are states where low average deaths can lead to large percentage fluctuations. Moving average data are usually decimal numbers and rounded to facilitate data presentation.

The balance of Covid-19 vaccinations this Tuesday (30) shows it 16,937,084 people have already received their first dose of the vaccine according to data released until 8pm against Covid-19. The number represents 8% of the Brazilian population.

A second dose has already been given to 4946579 people (2.34% of the country’s population) in all states and federal districts. A total of 21,883,663 doses were used throughout the country.

Death variation by state

States with rising deaths – Photo: Editoria de Arte / G1

States with stable deaths – Photo: Editoria de Arte / G1

States where he dies – Photo: Editoria de Arte / G1

  • ES: + 118%
  • MG: + 49%
  • RJ: + 59%
  • SP: + 65%
  • DF: + 100%
  • GO: + 32%
  • MS: + 68%
  • MT: + 35%
  • AC: -15%
  • AM: -43%
  • AP: + 44%
  • PA: -2%
  • RO: + 10%
  • RR: -25%
  • TO: + 36%
  • AL: + 29%
  • BA: + 9%
  • CE: + 43%
  • MA: + 44%
  • PB: + 27%
  • PE: + 35%
  • PI: + 34%
  • RN: + 22%
  • SE: + 20%

Press Vehicle Consortium

Data on coronavirus cases and deaths in Brazil were obtained after an unprecedented partnership G1, O Globo, Extra, O Estado de S.Paulo, Folha de S.Paulo, and UOL, which began working together as of June 8 to gather the necessary data for the 26 states and federal districts (know more).

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