Fluminense players complain about a defeat, but strive at the MaracanĂ£ point


Atletico-PR's 2-0 loss at Wednesday, Curitiba's Arena da Baixada, in the first leg of the South African Cup finals, Fluminense players are looking for an explanation of poor performance in the team and demonstrated their confidence in turning the score back to Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro on March 28.

As seen, the irritated captain Gum left the Arena da Baixada field with a few words. The radio and TV journalists dealt with by the defender simply said, "it returns."

The right-wing Ayrton Lucas spent more time investigating and regretting the result, but stressed that the decision is still open. "So far, all the games have been difficult, and now we are not going to give up. We have fans who back the game and we will do everything to get this place out," he said.

Ayrton Lucas still regretted collective mistakes, especially in the defense sector who suffered from the Atletico PR attacks and fled to give up to two goals if goalkeeper Julio Cesar failed to match.

"We know the strength of the athlete at home, but we can not lose 2-0 as it was, you can not lose it so defensive that you may be suffering from a gamble game and get a rating," he concluded.


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