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Gio Ewbank is committed to Gisele Bündchen and shares: 'zerei a vida' – Gossip of Celebrities

Gio Ewbank shared his followers in Instagram with the following interviewee on his channel YouTube
, The "My Bed" field is a Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen
, who launched his biography "Learning – My Walk for a More Meaningful Life". Gio expressed a pleasing model and thanked the conversation.

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Gio Ewbank shares moments with Gisele Bündchen
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Gio Ewbank shares moments with Gisele Bündchen

Gio Ewbank
, who won an exclusive program on the channel GNT
, "No Paraíso Gio Ewbank", where the famous personalities of Fernando de Noronha showed that he is also a fan of the Brazilian model.

In Legend, Gio reported to be one of the following interviewees for one of his most famous paintings in his program. "Thank you, thank you for the delivery, laughs and good speakers, Gisele, you are wonderful!" PS: You just left the attention @ gentilfernanda, I and your best friend Gi left you too much kkkkkk, "he wrote as he also reminded the rapporteur, Fernand Gentil.

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Fans are not time and praised the click. "What a wonderful picture!" Gisele seems to be the light and energy of the ordinary! "Crazy to see this video", "Beautiful and talented!", "They look like a twin, everything is beautiful," "Linda," and "I love you, a lot of light on this channel," were a few clicks comments.

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Gio Ewbank and its youtuber version!

Gio Ewbank interview with Bruna Marquezine
Playback / Youtube

Gio Ewbank interview with Bruna Marquezine

Gio Ewbank
has invested more and more in his career as a performer and youtuber, by marking his presence on a closed television and also on digital platforms.

Blonde has already dubbed the names of his channel like Xuxa, Angelica, Bruna Marquezine, Hugo Gloss, Camila Queiroz, Ludmilla, Tatá Werneck, Fernanda Gentil, Preta Gil, Gretchen and others.

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