"I did not know he had depression"


The big skirt has moved this Sunday to the Superstar program midway between Patricia Marx and White Moon. Today's special visit, Patricia criticized Lua Blanco's performance, who tried in the final place when the actor's fans agreed to live. Confused by Tais Araújo had to intervene and ask the public to respect Patricia as a guest.

Everything started after Lua Blanco's second performance, which sang the "Like Our Parents" version, Elis Regina's success. When it was said that the actor was fit, Patricia did not spare her criticism.

"You have a bit of truth about what you sing, we singers, we have to live lyrics, it is not useful to just send notes as if we played the song, we have to have the experience of the lyrics but you did well, It's very hard, exaggerated, is often someone who is no longer singing or softer, notes or doing a thousand things with the voice, "the singer said.

Patricia Marx was one of the invited experts at the Superstar Semifinal,
Patricia Marx was one of the invited experts at the Superstar Semifinal Image: Reproducção / Instagram

At that point, the White Moon crowd started calling Patricia. "People, I think, I am a singer and I've been there for over thirty years, and it is my humble opinion," he said.

Along with Lava Blanco, who was on the stage, he asked for respect: "Vaiar is not worth it! Remember that we always talk about respect here before we start, we respect the experts."

Lua Blanco and Tais Araújo at the time of the skirts
Lua Blanco and Tais Araújo at skirt fairs Image: Reproduction / TV Globo

Lua Blanco was one of the three outgoing programs and told him in his farewell speech that he was recovering from a very difficult stage.

Soon after the program, Patricia used Instagram to comment on the skirt fair and said she was a familiar actor.

It is difficult to judge the people I have suffered too much about it, I can not, will not, it is the heart, and I wanted to send a hello fan club here today. But I really do not know he was depressed and that he was overworked, but we're having fun here and in the end, we always appreciate myself as a singer, not because I did not know White Moon's life, so kiss her. "

Lua Blanco was removed from "Superstar"
Lua Blanco was removed from Superstar Photo: Reproduction / Instagram


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