Mega-Sena, 2418 competition: no one hits six dozen and the prize is $ 10.5 million | lottery


No one got those six dozen competition 2418 Mega-Sena, was held this Wednesday evening (13) at the Espaço Loterias Caixa, Tietê bus station, in the city of São Paulo. The prize has been accumulated.

See dozens of cartoons: 02-11-19-27-57-60.

There were 80 winning bets in the corner; each receives $ 21,123.67. The field won 3,919 bets; each costs $ 616.

The next race (2419) is on Saturday (16). The prize is estimated at $ 10.5 million.

VIDEO: see how Mega-Sena betting works

VIDEO: see how Mega-Sena betting works

Betting Mega-Sena

Bets can be placed until 19:00 (Brazilian time) at any lottery in the country or on the Internet on the Caixa Econômica Federal website – accessible by mobile phone, computer or other devices. You must register, be of legal age (18 years and older) and complete your credit card number.

The probability of winning in each tournament varies depending on the dozens of numbers played and the type of bet. With a simple bet of only six dozen and priced at $ 4.50, the probability of winning the Millionaire Prize is 1:50,063,860, according to Caixa.

According to Caixa, the probability of hitting the prize is 15 by ten (the maximum limit), which costs $ 22,522.50.

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