Tuesday , April 20 2021

Nubank beat the R $ 200 limit for this new feature

O Nubank has released a new payment option for credit card approach. The threshold for the approach fee has risen and is now R $ 200, according to a statement published by a Roxinho user in the Nubank community.

Therefore, the limit for payments without a password is now R $ 200. In the digital banking application, it is possible to change the credit card limit, but it is not possible to correct the credit limit with an approximation. Therefore, the customer must decide whether to set a $ 200 threshold for the activity or whether to disable the function.

Estimated payment with Nubank card

See how it works.

The Nubank card allows payments to be made only approximately, without inserting a tool and entering a password. This feature applies to credit and debit methods.

The function is activated immediately after the first purchase on the card, when it is inserted in the device. The customer can then use the technology at any time, as long as the facility provides compatible equipment.

Thus, purchases made with an approximation will be encrypted in the form of security, as the use of a password will become mandatory when paying more than R $ 200. If the customer wants to disable the free purchase, convergence, the customer can follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Nubank app and click the arrow below your name;
  2. Select the “Configure Card” option;
  3. Disable approximate purchase

Finally, the contactless feature of the credit card will be disabled.

Nubank card limit

For the Nubank card limit, Fintech’s algorithm analyzes the credit and constantly receives new information.

“We’re constantly looking for more market data so we can make better decisions about each customer’s profile – and we often do new analyzes, for example, to raise proactive boundaries,” Nubank says.

From the moment someone is accepted into a Nubank card, fintech makes a forecast of that person’s expenses using a risk analysis, usage profile, and also uses external data such as scores (points used by Serasa to indicate people’s probability of delay) or unpaid bills). to set a credit threshold.

“This process is done by an algorithm – an automated system that analyzes all this information and sets a start limit.”

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