Sunday , April 11 2021

The pink diamond is sold for EUR 44 million at Christie's auction – International

An exceptional 18.96 carat pink diamond was auctioned this Tuesday for 44 million euros – a record of gold in gold – the Christie's House auction in Geneva.

Rahul Kadakia, a management company, said that a magnificent diamond found in nearly a century of South Africa was sold by Swatch, a US jewelry company, Harry Winston.

The Pink Legacy, worth $ 30-50 million, was immediately named by the buyer named "Winston Pink Legacy".

"The value" of $ 2.6 million per carat diamonds in the world record carat is a pink diamond, "says Christie's Europe Manager Franois Curiel." This stone for me is Leonardo da Vinci diamonds. "

The previous record of Karate, which ran back to November 2017 in Hong Kong when Christie sold "Pink Promise", an oval-shaped, quaintly vibrant pink diamond that was under 15 carats for 32.48 million for 2.17 million US carats.

The fantastic diamond, auctioned in the Tera auction, classified as "fancy vivid", the highest intensity in color, belonged to the Oppenheimer family, which designed the mining company De Beers for several decades.

Auctions are virtually unheard of more than ten carats of refined diamonds.

Fancy Vivid belongs to the class IIa diamonds with little or no nitrogen, a feature reserved for less than 2 percent of diamonds.

IIa are the purest chemically pure diamonds that usually show "exceptional brilliance and transparency," reminded Christie's House.

"Pink Legacy" was probably cut in the 1920s, according to Jean-Marc Lunelin, Christie's international jewel specialist.

Pink diamond was the main attraction of Christie's high-end jewelry auction, which raised over $ 110 million, according to spokeswoman Alexandra Kindermann.

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