Monday , March 1 2021

The Viera show in the world will become less sought after by artists

Turn the Show Show
Virada Exhibition (Divulgação)

The traditional program of the year Globe, The Turn the Show Show it is no longer appreciated in the past. This can be demonstrated by the lack of interest of the viewer and also of the artists. They no longer dispute a difficult attraction. The performances will be recorded on Recife on December 14.

This is what the columnist says Flávio Ricco, the portal UOL. According to him, therefore, it is no longer a group of singers, bands to get space. Only six artists make the globe look happy: Simone & Simaria, Ivete Sangalo, Luan Santana, Thiaguinho, Wesley Safadão and Breca Negra.

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None of these names can be heard by the columnist. But the decline in the number of artists is obvious. When the show was recorded in São Paulo, demand grew. In fact, the production had fallen head by all the musicians. Label labels and entrepreneurs were also pleased.

Still on the swivel table

With its historically stiff programming, Globo looks older and shows that its network is flexible and prioritizes live events. Next Friday (16) the Carioca radio station has a football match. The attraction is through one of his soap operas, the flagship of his programming.

It is friendly between Brazil and Uruguay, will be held in London at 8:00 local time and in Brazil at 6pm. In this case, the six Mirror of Life movies written by Elizabeth Jhin will not be present. In addition, the traditional local evening paper leaves a timetable even today.

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