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Wall Street progresses to expectations in the US-China dispute – 15.11.2018

April to Joyner

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The US stock market rose on Thursday optimisticly that the US and China could resolve their trade dispute after the report found Washington suspended further tariffs on imports from China.

The industrial average of Dow Jones rose from 0.83 percent to 25.289,27 points, while S & P 500 increased 1.06 percent to 2,730.2 points. Nasdaq's Technology Index rose from 1.72% to 7.259.03 points.

On the contrary, Wall Street's main indexes dropped for the first time when Financial Times announced that US Trade Negotiator Robert Lighthizer told industry executives that the next installment payment for Chinese import duties was suspended.

Wall Street momentarily reduced profits after the Lighthizer spokesman denied the report, saying the prices had not changed. But shares rose higher and rose even more the last half hour of trade.

"We have contradictory messages, but the market is definitely ready for any good news," said Michael Antonelli, Robert W. Baird Milwaukee's institutional sales manager. "The market has been slaughtered and it's tired, and if it captures sunshine, it will get excited again."

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