William Bonner marries a second time with Natasha Dantas. Watch the video!


Formally married in September since they married in an intimate ceremony in São Paulo, William Bonner and Natasha Dantas celebrated their love again on Saturday (10) this time at the Emiliano Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, south of January. Editor's nephew Hugo Bonemer introduced the video for a few moments of celebration, gathering three children of "Jornal Nacional" with Laura, Beatriz and Vinícius, Fátima Bernardes. All the rooms decorated with candles and flowers, the room chosen by the couple, partly in the open air, had a vision for the redeeming Christ. Georgeana Godinho, the official contact person photographer, used Instagram to show the curious details of Natasha's wedding dress. In a song in a bar, as tradition says, the names of individual friends were embroidered on a blue line, as did the names of young relatives. In the pictures, you see the nicknames Lau and Bê, the names of the two female daughters of the journalists.

Ex estimates how Bonner's new "marriage" is natural

The former wife of the communicator Fátima Bernardes of Bonner and Natasha was dealing with her new husband's new contact. "I think it's natural that he builds his life just like I do," said Encontro's host, who this month produced a friendship with Túlio Gadêlha, with whom he traveled for the first time for a vacation. Fatima and William told their fans via Twitter to finish the marriage. Nevertheless, they did not reveal what motivated the term. However, Fatima reminded me: "Although William and I were very unnoticeable, people were aware that he had decided to divorce, put the victim in the station, but nobody knows who handed over who said" Now is not better to be. "Let's never talk about it. "

Daughter of naturalises separation: "They are happy"

When asked about how he dealt with the distinction between famous parents, Beatriz Bonemer, one of William and Fatima's three-hundred-year-old, thought, "They are both happy, so let's take it, right?" But despite the fact that he has a great deal of relationship with Túlio Gadêlha, its relationship to the source of disturbance of comparison. "It interferes with me because people compare the relationship of happiness to behaviors with apparent sorrow by the end of the multiannual relationship. He could not waste his happiness at that time, no matter what the marriage ended. He was happy for 26 years, he was amazing, I have three wonderful children, so I'm sorry for such a comparison. It does not shake me, because I know what it was, this previous terms of quality and today I am happy, that I think they are happy. "

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